I have a bff issue, if you're willing to help me out with the future, i'll be sure to appreciate it :3 otherwise, here's a story you could read for fun (or something) or just relize what im into right now...

So my distant friend from asia got to talk to me through facebook. by reading every word from that monitor, i know she missed me a lot! its been over 3-5 years since! She still remembers my aunts address we stay in, she remembers my birthday, she even puts a picture of us long time ago on her facebook profile picture and it said bffs! I was so happy to hear someone has been waiting for me and caring about me ever since i left (btw we go to asia almost every summer)! Let's call her Lizzy for example bacuse im tired of saying my friend :| On facebook yesterday, she wanted to see my face badly, so as a surprise, she comes to my aunts apartment with her friends- 1 is another old friend and 2- her new best friend and her secretive boyfriend. I saw her boyfriend was paying no attention to anything but her tablet, and her best friend was drink bubble tea with her kinda shy looking. Once i saw her at the doorstep, i ran to her and hugged her. She hasn't changed much! After that little hug, her best friend started to talk to her and Lizzy ignored me. I tried to start a conversation, but it faded- always. Lizzy keep on joking + fooling around with her new best friend and myother old friend was playing along. We were actually suppose to meet up at the park at 7:00pm but now that i see no one was even talking to me, i lied to them. What i mean is after they left (because it was getting ackward and i sorta said a randomsee you later...) I had a chat with my mom about it and the only way to not attend was to lie. I told her on FB i couldnt go because i had to take a nap then go eat at a place with my aunt + my mom. She said it was okay and of course i was glad i couldn attend, but i felt guilt rushing over me. Lizzy continued to say how much she missed me- i was extra glad, yet i couldnt think if i could trust those words. Evetually i did end up going somewhere with my family to eat, and there was this skating rink. I didnt want to go because i wanted my first time to be w/ my bf <3 (lol extra XD)

Thanks for taking the time to read! I really do appreciate it > FT <

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