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  • I live in I live in Frenchfryland, where I eat fries all day :3
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  • I am I am the gender of The Fries *hand motions*
  • I likes Wolves

    == ~Five years six months ago~

    “Mom!!! Mom guess what! Mom…?” Jay called out to his mother trying to find her to tell her about his new friend. His footsteps could be heard echoing in just about every room in the entire house, so why wasn’t his mom answering him yet? And just when Jay was about to give up his mom jumped out of an adjoining room screaming, “Boo!” Jay screamed and ran away giggling before being swept up into his mother’s arms. They smiled in a fit of laughter. “Did ‘ya want to tell my something sweetie?” Jay’s mother asked him. Jay nodded fast. “Okay so like you know where our neighbor Ms. Jacky lives and stuff and how she has a son? So like I met him and he’s a couple years older than me so I was scared at first,… Read more >
  • I likes Wolves

    My Drawings

    October 19, 2014 by I likes Wolves

    Well, I have to upload my pictures here from my tablet so that when I put them on deviantART the won't have names with random numbers... So yeah....

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    I've been wandering around on my blogs since I just found my password and decided to edit some of these... Some of the ideas are still cute and I won't get rid of those, but the others are so cringy I just had to erase them, I also added more onto it as well as putting if I would rather make a comic of it or a written piece(maybe even a light novel). I also want to draw the characters of the stories, however I'm unable to upload as of late since I lost my phone and my tablet is junk. I don't expect anyone to see this as most activity on here has been extremely rare in comparison to when I orginally made this post. Okie so I saw Awesomeperson110 made something like this with her ideas on stories she wants to write, and I have a bunch of idea…

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  • I likes Wolves

    Well...I think romance is my favorite genre to write in. This story isn't completely about romance though! Trust me, I can't stand not having a bit of fantasy/sci-fi/action/adventure into my writings! If I didn't have some adventure, it would just turn cheesy REALLY quickly. Oh and I don't usually write prologues, but I kind of need to add that in this or everyone would be saying, "What happened before this?" and yadayada... Anyway here goes my terrible prologue! Wait! I kind of forgot to tell you guys, and I don't feel like adding it in the prologue, but there are three Different base camps (see what I did there?) Charlotte's camp is close to the forest; Jeffrey and Max are in base camp two ,which is close to the Normal's wall; and Nataly…

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    Okay so originally this story was supposed to be a comic that I would put up, but my tablet isn't allowing me to put up pictures and I can't use my computer for that either...So I'm just going to make it a story! Anyway it's my first time doing a non-fantasy and just going with the dramatic ways of reality. The only thing is that the characters are OSCs (Original Sonic Characters) so if it says something about ears or tails, there's the reason why.  

    Also, here are the characters(If you have an OSC you can ask if they can be in the story as well and I'll add them to the list)

    • Minami
    • Minnie
    • Meredith
    • Umi
    • Kaylee 
    • Aubrey(Eclipseowl's OSC)
    • Henry
    • Wolgie
    • Mason
    • Matthew
    • Thomas
    • Jase(Eclipseowl's OSC)

    Anyway, lets get started!

    Minami's always moving from school to …

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