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  • I live in in a a fricking house
  • I was born on August 28
  • My occupation is is stalking you/being stupid xD
  • I am annoying orange owo
  • GraceRaincloud


    December 9, 2013 by GraceRaincloud

    I'm like sirecly(can't spell :O) bored so I'm taking requests for now. I will be doing traditional and digital requests(traditional will be done in notebook(my dad hates it when I use copy paper) and digital will be done on DC(since I dont have programs like Sai or GIMP, and unless you want me to fail and draw on paint or dA muro lol)

    • you and me (full body)
    • OC's, mascots,etc
    • characters from books, movies,etc
    • you

    • just you
    • your OC's, mascots, etc
    • some character who's easy to draw


    i perfer you ask for a traditonal one cause i suck on digital

    meh I will upload one later :P

    PLZ COMPLETE THE FORM traditionally or paper:

    colored or not(will apply on traditional):

    your request:

    Reference(if its your own character or you):

    Hope yo…

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  • GraceRaincloud

    A lot of you guys are making stories/comics so I decided to make one!

    Plot:4 kids stumble into a magical world and later they need to save it

    one of the four kids-GraceRaincloud

    one of the four kids #2-

    one of the four kids #3-

    one of the four kids #4-


    Villan's henchmen #1-

    Villan's henchmen #2-

    Someones OC-

    a talking rabbit(xD)-

    a talking dog-

    Mean girl-

    mean girl's best friend-

    mean girl's other best friend.

    1.your real name

    2.Age(use your real age.make them 18+ if it has to do with villans)





    Thats it I guess.Hope you apply!

    ~Grace Raincloud

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  • GraceRaincloud


    June 30, 2013 by GraceRaincloud

    Hi guys!I want to do requests and in the style such as the ones from this slideshow.Also, only humans!!I can't draw animals and mlps.Thats it I guess.


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