Just my opinion, not tryin to cause any drama. I'm just stating my opinion in a blog post that I didn't force you to read, so not hate por favor. 

So what's left of the wiki is-

  • doctor who gifs that have nothing to do with DC
  • Complaints about school
  • whining about the wiki dying
  • drama happening because people put their opinions on the main page where people assume they want hate for it there
  • fake accounts trolling because all the old mods left and can't ban them
  • and saying that EVERYBODY'S ART IS AMAZING AND THAT IT SHOULD BE PLACED IN A MUSEUM, it doesn't even matter how good the actual art is. (I'm not saying this is a totally bad thing, but it's how annoying people get populat on dA)

Did I miss anything?

Here you would think that I'd give a suggestion or two about how to save the wiki, but I don't think much can be done. At least we do have people on here that post on the main page and get on chat. This is the end of my thing, I hope you don't want to kill me after you read this.

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