Hey guys! It's me glowb. I'm still new on the wikia and all, but I've seen that other people are doing Christmas presents for eachother, so I'd like to do some for you all, too! 

Except... I don't know what to draw for y'all. I can draw wolves and MLPs! I'm doing all the requests on paper and posting them. Just so you know! So please comment!!!

  • For Mist566- Pepermint Cane as a Wolf and Icy Blue as an MLP
  • For SelenaVictoria88- MLP oc
  • For Raventhepersonlol- Raven as a wolf
  • For GraceRaincloud- Chika as an MLP
  • For Candifloss/kittypawz- Rose Latte
  • For Rapunzelosum- Orionote
  • For Sandstormz4510- Sandy and Rush
  • For Watername2466- Annabeth in a santa hat

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