Alright everyone.

So as many already know. Disney Create  has gone through  a slow period, and might shut down. So a few artists and myself have been thinking that we can try to transform the wiki into a kinda DC replacement. I know it'll never be the same, but as Awesome Person said, "We're a family."

I guess this is a sort of poll... not really. Just want some opinions.

I've made websites, so what if we had our own DC fan site? it'd be fun (and the program is so easy you can make a site in a day) and we'd be able to do lots of stuff on it. Cool features it has are:

admins, or other editing positions


PMs (private messages)

chat boxes

donation pools




online store

and more cool stuff.

So some people LOVE this wiki. I do too. Leaving it is like forgetting DC. So, who wants to stay? I mean, we've had loads of fun here already, why move?

Just forget DC, we have to accept the facts. It's done.

What is ur opinion? Have any others? Plz comment!

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