Hey Everyone! It's Animals_12, i'm kinda new on DC!

Just a little intro on me and my art, I draw MLP, warrior cats and wolves. I haven't really drawn pictures of warriors or wolves, I'm busy ;3.

- My account:

- My DVA (Deviant art):

So, it's now time to meet some of my OC characters!!! I'll start with my Pony OCs.

As you can see here. I have more but I haven't drawn many of them. Oh well. I hope you like them!

  • Golden Electria- Power Pony
  • Electric
  • Uranus Star- Coming in comic
  • Color Spark- Coming in comic
  • 4 of my ponies

                        My Cat OCs. Not many, I don't want to put all on DC, so i'll show you three, :3. One's not a warrior, but he's cute!

Epic Soarin'

edit later ---

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