I was at track practice the other day and I saw this cat, sitting on a rock. It stared at me for a while, and when i went back to see if it was there it was gone. I had an idea....

Chapter one: A family loss.

Whitemask sat closley gaurding the camp. He sniffed the air for anything strange, but finds nothing. The twolegs run around above on the hill, training to be warriors he supposed. The ran, threw strange metal balls and discs, he supposed were for hunting. Across the thunderpath were some twolegs throwing long sticks, one stopped to look at him. He didn't break eye contact, and a minute later it returned to what it was doing. He licked his paw and yawned. He was not suprised he was stuck on gaurd duty, even though he was the deputy. His brother was leader, just like his father, his grandfather, and so on. He would be the one to take on the job if something happend to him, but seeing as his kits were growing strong, it was not going to happen. He gazed out on the forest when he heard the messanger, gloweye, yelling his name. 

"Whitemask!" Yelled gloweye.

"Gloweye? Is something wrong?" He mews. 

"Im sorry." Mewed gloweye. "Strongstar's body was found at the black pit on top the hill. Your brother is dead."

Chapter 2: A new star

"No" Mews whitemask. He cant be dead. He just cant! "Have you told anyone else yet?" 

"Just goldensong. We thought you and her should be the first to know."

"Thank you. I suppose...." He mews. "I will tell the clan. It is my duty. Do you know how he died yet?"

"Frostfur is looking into that. He had no wounds, no fatal injuries of any sort. Its possible we was poisoned or took a fall. " Gloweye mewed.

"Yes.....well, thank you, gloweye." He mews. He hops down from his rock, padding off to the clan. He couldn't belive it. His brother was dead! And they didn't even know how! He had to get some info. anything. He padded into the clan grounds, sniffing for goldensong. He ran to her, finding her with tears in her eyes.

"Oh, whitemask" She sobbed into his fur. "He's gone!" She sobbed.He licks her forehead and pads onto the leaders rock. 

"Atenttion" He called sadly. Every cat stopped. "I bring sad news. Your leader, my brother, has died." He mewed.Mews and growls sounded from the clan.


"He cant be!"


He hung his head. "I am going to find out the cause. Until then, the clan shall be watched by flyingfur." He mewed. He padded to the med cats den, to see his brother.As he padded in, frostfur looked up. 

"Hello whitemask." she mewed softly. In the middle of the den, laying on a stump, was the grey body of his brother. He looked so peacefull. 

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