Anyone who has not woken up to a roomate screeching Dont stop believing at 4:00 A.M has never experianced true fear. I can tell you firsthand. I regret that christmas and the half priced Karaoke Machine I had found. I slid out of bed, put on my Mickey mouse robe, and yanked the plug out of the wall.

"Whats up with that?" Rusty asked. Rusty was my roomate. She and I were closer than anyone in the complex. We were both Die-hard whovians, pokemon fans, and more. "I was doing pretty good, dont you think?" she smirked putting on her glasses.

"Its 4:00 AM, you never get up for anything except doctor who." i said, yawning.

"Today is the sorting day, Im ready to go!" she says. "And the sorting is after doctor who, i want to be ready and not miss it." she added.

"ITS 4 HOURS FROM NOW" i said.

"Always ready." She smiles. "I really hope we get in the same group!" She says.

"Me too. But we can still see eachother." I say.

"Almost Never! With studying, job-shadowing, and everything else, we cant even whatch Doctor Who together!" She says. 

I should explain. My name is Rolana Perpigillium Tyler. I live in the system. The system is a great big community, a place where we are seperated in groups. The groups are according to our job. These jobs are hunter/farmer, Entertainment, Tech, Crafting, defence, and Government. You live, eat, sleep, work, and play with the people who have the same job as you. You live with your parents until you are 8, and then you go to the academy, where you study each job until you are 13, and then you are given a job, and you study and work there for your whole life. Thats how we work. Simple as that.  I excell in fighting, I can throw a dagger from a mile away and hit my target straight on. I knew i was going to get Defence. But, the sorting does not always work that way........

Tell me what you think! If you want to be in it, give me a bio. Just a desciption and a name i can use. :) Hope you like! 

NOTE: Please give me an age 13-16. It does not have to be your real age, but i will need one. Thanks :) 

Also please comment now if you do not want to be in it because i will throw anyone in on the first chapter so you know. 

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