all good ideas come from the shower.


so its about the "spirits" of diffrent fandoms living in this giant mansion together, and they keep the balance of the internet in check. 


The Big Three.

Whovi: The spirit of the whovians. Very fun  loving, and can scare the heck out of people when angry. 

Sherly: The spirit of sherlockians. Very insightful, but extreamly crazy. Oldest of the big three.

Natry: Spirit of supernatural. Very paranoid, has a response for everything. EVERYTHING. also has some awesome wings.

The brothers.

Fly:Spirit of firefly. Nobody really sees much of him, but he is always there.

Castle: Spirit of castle. Fly's younger brother. Nobody relly knows who he is, but people who do love him.

The sisters.

Disney:Spirit of disney. Very happy, loves everyone, though her website is a failure. She is a great producer and park manager though. 

Froz: Spirit of frozen. Very loving, and still getting used to her fandom spirit status. Loves her older sister.

The twins.

Lotr: The spirit of Lord of the rings. Very insightful, and he and his sister are some of the oldest in the group.Loves his sister, Hobby. Hobby: Spirit of the Hobbit. Does not like going outside. Wants to go on adventures but also wants to lay in bed. 


Rock: Spirit of classic rock. Loves queen and the beatles. But the love doesn't stop there!

Merlin: Spirit of Merlin. (Has a personality like merlin but I dont know merlins personality :3) Also has magic.

Pon:Spirit of MLp. Very fun loving, smart, generous, honest, loyal, and kind. (you know where this is going.)

Blade: Spirit of That Perticular blade of grass on my front lawn (IM SORRY I HAD TO). Uh, happy and fun. Nobody relly knows why he got elevated to spirit status but they like him anyway.  

(More comin soon. If u like tell me :3)

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