"so, where to next?" Ace asks. They sit in their tree house, which ace begged for when the were deciding on a HQ. Something about magic tree house books.

"I wanna go to fairy tail!" Kumi smiles brightly, but Rusty puts up her hand.

"No, no no! Lets go to Hogwarts!" She smiles.

"I say we go back to Doctor who and see if we can meet nine and Rose again!" Ace smiles.




The three argued before a head popped up, looking in the the tree house. She had black hair, with a red stripe through it. She wore glasses and had on a buffy the vampire slayer T-shirt. "Hey, whatch'ya doin?" She said, clambering in.

"Who are you?" Rusty asked.

"Im red! I heard something about Doctor who and wanted to join." She smiled. The three looked at eachother and smiled.

"Well, you should now what your getting into. You seem perfect to be an agent!" Ace smiled.

"Its time to put this to the test." Kumi held out her wrist. "This is the Universe Hopper, we call it the Timey whimey jumper." Kumi smiled.

"Whoa! Did you make it?" SHe said.

"Yup! Nothing can stop a determind fangirl." Kumi smiled.

"So, lets see how you handle a trip, and if you are worthy, we'll take you into our ranks." Ace smiled.

"And I know just where to go." Rusty said, and Kumi fiddled with the whatch. The grabbed eachothers arms, and ace grabbed reds hand. 

"Your gonna love this bit." SHe smiled and they zapped off. 

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