"YOU IDIOT" Rose said as they walked back into the TARDIS. She was coverd in scorch marks, her hair sticking out at strange angles and was scorched black. The doctor comes in, with little scorch marks on his leather jacket. He slowly closes the door behind him. 

"Now, now. I think we can work thi-" Rose cuts him off.

"Look, Time Lord! I dont care. But you so owe me!" She says. She flops on the captains chair and sighs.

"Fine. How about this. You go clean up and after words we will go get ice cream." He smiles.

"Choclate?" She says looking up at him.


"With sprinkles?"


"And hot fudge?"

"I suppose."

"You pay?"

"I'll find a way."

"Great! See you in 10." She says and runs down the corridor. He wipes a bit of ash from where she was sitting and sits. Well then. A few minutes later all he hears is rose screaming

"STOOOOOOOOP" He bolts for where she was, running in the bathroom rose was standing in her robe, trying to block water sparying from a faucet. 


"I did! I dont know why i-" he stops and glares at the celing. "STOP THIS RIGHT NOW." he yells and a small whirring from the engines sounds, like the TARDIS was laughing. The water slows to a stop a starts to drip. "That was your problem." He says simply. 

"Hmph. Thanks then. Now get out." She smiles. 

Dont you see how much I love these two? :3

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