"Im scared! Im so scared!"

Holding on to the memory is the only thing I can do.

I have to hold on.

School houses and junk yards

Blue boxes and red planets

a little tin dog

and a long colored scarf

celery sticks and cricket games

rainbow coats and umbrellas

and jelly babies

a storm of fire

and enemies plenty

the girl I loved most slipping away

and my freind in peril, needing me.

I....I cant......

I cant hold on......Its....please......please....


burn wi.......with....

burn with me....

burn with me.....


The doctor in the stasis pod during "42"

Inspired by this fan fic

and me watching 42. 

If you like that fan fic, read this persons other fan fics. Its worth the read. 

And i noticed i switched to a diffrent POV a bit so i should change that.

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