same story line, only instead of fandoms it videya games.



we play,

well, you'll see!

Music referance. All games on this playlist. ALL


Stage one, section one: Hole in one. Kumi. 

Kumi's eyes flutterd open. She looked around and saw lush green trees, and water. She couldn't remember anything after she pressed the button on the timey whimey jumper.....

She sat up and looked around, spying a small orange monkey.

"Hi! Im monkey!" It said and she was startled. Ok then....

"Today, were gonna play golf! Its simple! Just the balls in time to the music!" It smiled. Simple enough, kumi thought. Suddenly music began playing in her head, and the little monkey threw a ball. She swung at it with her club and shot it away. and so it went. The rhythm continued, and kumi could barley keep up. Yet she was able to hit them. suddenly she heard a cry from beside her, and a larger monkey threw a ball at her, and she hit it with ease. Soon, her task was done and the music died down. "What was the point of this?" She said and a jolt of pain surged through her head, and she collapsed.

Stage 2, section 1. Screwbot factory: Rusty.

Rusty sat up with a jolt, she looked around, rying to see where she was. It was a small white room, with a desk and a windw looking into another. SHe then looked at her outfit, which was a white uniform with a badge with the name Russet. She had a nice hat, she wanted to keep, that had a heart on it.She got up and sat in the chair, and looked at the items on it. There was a small lever, labled A B. SHe looked through the window, seeing a convator belt, and two robotic clamps above it. Suddenly a voice switched on the speaker.

"Welcome to your first day at the screwbot factory. You will asemble the robots, by use of the switch. Please keep them timed correctly."

"Timed correctly?" Rusty raised an eyebrow. Suddenly music turned on in her head. The first robot dropped onto the belt, and she began to assemble them. Suddenly she realized what was going on. It was a game. A rhythm game. And she really got into it. She began signing the instrumentals and saying "Oh yeah!" In time with the robots. 

"Dooo, do do dodo dooo, do do de doooo,oh yeah!" She got into it and started headbanging even. "THis is the best thing ever." She smiled and suddenly the game stopped, and she blacked out.

Stage 3, section 1. See-saw, Red.

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