Aw yesh

get ready


Kumi called the other girls into the main room, smiling. "guess what I did!" She smiled when they got in.

"You arranged the ceremony for me and Meesh uh?" Ace smiled, and Kumi snorted.

"No." She rolled her eyes. "I got the computer to surf the web in a diffrent universe, and its safe!" She smiled. "I searched our names and got this." She clicked a button, and a website appeared.

"The Disney Create Wiki?" Ace said. They began scrolling.

"So, looks like this one, Flyingace4, is you Ace." She said. "Redmonkey is Red, Rustyscreech is Rusty, and Im Awesomeperson." She said.

"Cool! Looks like we like Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural, Frozen, Fairy Tail, all the normal stuff." Rusty nodded.

"These people seem cool!"Red said.

"They ship us.." Rusty said, seeing the Ace/Rusty ship.

"I love you Rusty, but not in that way." Ace said.

"This is very interesting." Kumi nodded. They scorlled for hours, looking at the fun things these people did, their fights, and everything else. Until they cam across something.

"Look red! Were writers!" Kumi smiled.

"Oh yeah! Awesome! Lets see...the closet"

"Battle of the clubs"

"THe system." Ace chimed in "With lots of fanfics too."

"And..." Kumi's face dropped, all color draining. "The...F.G.U..."

"What?" Rusty said. As they read some of them, it was exactly what happend to them before. down to the last detail.

"Hi other me. Tell misha I love him." Ace read off of a comment explaining what they were doing right then.

"I think thats enough computer for today." Kumi said, closing the computer.

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