Red and Kumis at in the kitchen, huddled in the food pantry, wearing earplugs, with Allonso in their arms. It was the only place they couldn't hear them.

"In what world, no, what UNIVERSE, is that canon?!" Rusty spat.

"In ALL of them!" Ace yelled back. The main room was in tatters, books lying on the floor, all of Matt Smiths era in DVD players, the TV movie player, and tons of laptops. the pillows were scattered across the floor (One with a tear in it) and Rusty and Ace looked just about as messy.

"Look, 11/River will ALWAYS be canon, while 11/Clara, never will be!!" Rusty said, jabing a finger at Ace.


"BRING IT ON!" She said. and in unison, they both screamed "KUMI!!!!!!"

"Yes?" She asked, poking her head out.

"Get the Timey Whimey Jumper, we have a fandom to jump to!" Ace said.

"Yes, Ace." Kumi sighed.


They four girls ran down the street,and ironicly, they found their target on the same bench Nine and Rose had sat on.

"HEY!" Ace called. The Doctor and Clara both looked up.

"You." Ace grabbed the Doctor by his coat. "Do you like her?" she said, pointing at Clara


"Do you like her?" Ace repeated, tapping her foot.

"Thats a rather personal-" He began but Ace put her hand up.

"DO.YOU.LIKE.HER?" Ace said once again. He gulped and nodded a little confused. Ace smiled.

"HA! YOU SEE? CANON!!!!" She screamed at Rusty. She said 'Thanks' to the Doctor and they ran off.


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