Ace, Kumi, Red, and Rusty were taking a stroll through the forbidden forset. It was their first time in the Harry Potter universe, but they decided to do hogwarts later. They walked through the forset, dodging mythilogical beasts. Ace's new coat kept getting stuck in every branch, though. Suddenly they saw a familier face.

"Cloak!" Red sneered and ace swooned.

"Yes, it is I. Now, Come with me." He grabed kumi's arm who swatted it away. He then grabbed ace's arm and dragged her away.

"Stop!" Red yelled and grabbed ace. Kumi pressed the retreat button on the timey whimey jumper, which puffed some smoke and putterd out.

"What?" She said, shocked. Cloak raised an eyebrow and then all the color drained from his face. He swirled into mist and flew into the air, but the mist cloud plumented down and slammed on the ground, and he transformed back to a human.

"Wha, my teleport powers wont work!" He exclaimed. Red stiffled a laugh.

"The magic in this forest must be interfearing with mine, along with your technology!" He said.

"Well, looks like were stuck together." She says.

"OH NO!" He says, before ace got to excited. "I have my bloodhound form. Your on your own!" He says.

"You wouln't last a minute, even with that! The beasts here..." Reds voice trailed. He huffed.

"Fine. But don't expect me to be happy about this." he said. He put himself next to red, useing her as a barrier to deflect ace.

About half a day passed of trudging, girls talking, and ace swooning. Cloak had taken a likeing to allonso, who warmed up to him. They could only catch bits and peices of the conversation, but what they heard was this.

Cloak: "I know, its a pet peeve of mine.

Allonso: "BARBoW!"

Cloak: "And don't you hate it when it gets behind your ears?"

Allonso: "Ba-ba-wow!"

"What are you two talking about?" Red asked.

"Flees." He stated simply.

"You get flees?" 

"Well, not really. They only stay in bloodhound form, but I have not had any sense I was five." He said. They kept walking.

"So, cloak," Red began but he stopped her.

"Thats not my name." He says.

"Well what is it?" She asks.

"Its Talbot. Talbot Compatla." He states. After a pause, red speaks again.

"Im going to keep calling you cloak." She says.

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