Hi! Can't write right now, just making this so I dont forget!

And uh, remind me to make a rhythm Heaven Fever one, Ok?

Yesh red, im doing it :D


Ace was swishing her new coat around happily, showing it off to the others.

"Pretty nice, eh? Tottaly worth the 400 bucks." Ace smiles, twirling.

"You spent $400 on an 11th doctors purple coat MEANT FOR COSPLAY, as casual wearing?" Red said.

"Yes." She smiled. Red laughed and rusty smiled.

"Ca I steal it? Just until I get money for it?" She says.

"Mine." She hissed.

"So, where to now?" Kumi yawned, readying the Timey whimey jumper.

"Well," Ae looked at rusty.

"THere is a place we have been DYING to go to for the longest time." Rusty says.

"And we really want to go." Ace says.


"Can we..."

"GO TO THE GREAT GA'HOOLE TREE?!" They both blurt out at once.

"Sure!" Kumi says, presses some buttons, and they grab allosnso.

"Ready?" She says, taking red and rusty's hands.

"Ready." Rusty smiles and they zap off.

Coryn circled the tree, doing his daily rounds. Being kind wasn't easy. He flutterd down to the nearest branch to rest. He hopped off to the nearest gaurd.

"Found anything?" He asked.

"Nothing yet, your highness. Just..." His voice trails off as he peers through the spyglass. "We have guests." He announces and turns the spyglass to coryn. He peers through to see four female owls fluttering in the wind. THey seemed to have a lot of trouble flying, like they had just learned five minutes ago. 

"Go asist them. Bring them to my hollow." Coryn says, and fly's off.



"NOT MY FAULT YOU DIDN'T PUT US IN THE GA'HOOLE TREE." She called back and fluttered her wings a bit faster. 

"IM COLD." Rusty screeched. Suddenly a barn owl swooped down, grabbing Kumi and Red in his talons. 

"You two! Link talons and grab theirs!" He called and Ace and Rusty did as they were told. The owl struggeled with their weight at first, but was soon flying steadily with them dangleing from his talons.

"Well this is fun." Red said, hanging upside down.

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