Fangirling to your hearts content has a price. The four girls were hunted, not really for doing anything wrong, but some feel their actions can destoy reality.How? Well, they had one encounter before....

Ace, rusty, kumi, and red skipped down the street. THey were back in their own universe, taking a lovely stroll. It was too nice out to stay cooped up inside the treehouse on a day like this. Ace kicked a stone down the path as they talked.

"Mabye we can go to kalos?" She suggested.

"Mabye. Could we go to fairy tail." kumi suggested.

"I wanna go see ten!" Rusty piped up/

"Buffy." Red stated matter-of-factly. Ace noticed something in the corner of her eye.

"Guys...." She tugged on rusties sleeve.A tall, dark hooded figure watched from a distance. Suddenly, it swirled into mist, into a large black dog, snapping its jaws. It lnged forward, the girls ducked out of the way.It swirled back into human form, taking off its hood. He had black hair, peircing grey eyes, and if looks could kill...... even though he had just turned into a bloodhound and tried to kill them, ace totally wanted to ask him out.

"Who are you?" Kumi screamed.

"What are you?" Red screamed

"Whats your number?" Ace swooned. Rusty facepalmed.

"You girls, be warned. what you have been doing is not to be taken lightly!" He said. 

"What do you mean? What have we done wrong?" Rusty quivered.

"You will destory the boundries of the universe!" He snapped.

"I checked with the doctor on our first trip. Its completly safe!" Kumi says.

"I dont care what some character invented in somebody's mind says. You know not of what you do!" He says. "Watch your back. We are few, but we will find you." He says. He begins to dissolve into mist but ace stops him.

"WAIT! WHATS YOUR NUMBER." She says. He laughs a bit, and dissapears.


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