"JOHN. JOHN IM BORED." Sherlock yells across the flat. John pokes his head out of the door. 

"THEN FIND SOMETHING TO DO!!" he yells back. a little zap noise comes from the stairwell, and the door creaks open, three teenage girls popping their heads in.

"Is it really them?" One says.

"I think so!" says another.

"My....husband..." The last one drools at sherlock, making him uncomfortable. 

"Rusty.." The first one sighs. Rusty bolts for him, hugging his leg.

"My husband....." She whispers, burying her face in his leg. The second one pried her from him, and shook her head.

"We dont torment the characters! Only ship and possibly kiss them!" She says. She instantly regretted her words. Rustys eyes lit up,m and she turns to sherlock. 

"Well, i suppose...." She says

"What?" Sherlock said, he could see where it was going.

"One kiss, than we will leave. Just one!" she smiles.

"awww, go on sherly. Give the girl what she wants." The other girl says. He rolls his eyes and bends down to her level. She grabs his face and pulls him forward. She pulls back and smiles.

"Great then! Thank you very much" She smiles.

"Before we go, can I just ask, can you deduce something for us?" The first girl asks. He rolls his eyes.

"You girls are from a diffrent universe, no idea which one, and you 'hop' by using that-" he points to the second girls wristwatch,"- and it takes you wherever you want to go." He smiles.

"Wow. that was very good! Well, goodbye!" She smiles, and the three of them zap off.


girl one=me

girl 2=AP

then rusty ish rusty :3

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