Carrie put her hands over her mouth. She couldent belive what she had seen. How could it be. She ran around the box, checking to make sure it was a trick. She ran back to the front, and slowly walked in. It was bigger on the inside. She put her hand on the railing beside her. The room was huge, with deep orange walls with large round yellow lights. The middle had a consol, brown, with a large blue tube going up to the top, connected by a green top, resembling a tree. A large platform ran around the room, with ramps to climb on top. Giant coral peices came out from the grate floor, and a ramp led down to a small rock-like platform with small glowing doors. The Doctor came out, now wearing A victorian outfit, his hair now curled neatly. He fixed his crovet and looked up. "Oh hello! Nice of you to join me." He says. He flicks some switches on the consol, and spins the moniter. "Got the HADS turned off, dont want that to be on. Who knows where we will end up." A little ping sounds, and he grabs a small silver object with a blue top. "Look, a new sonic!" He smiles. He clicks the button, and the tip flashes with a little bzzt noise. Carrie stutters.

"What- what- where-huh?!" She manages to say. The Doctor laughs.

"Yeah, it has that effect." He says. "Welcome to the TARDIS!" he outstreches his arms. "Looks pretty neat, huh? New desktop and everything." Carrie rubs her head. It could not be possible. She was dreaming.

"Look, whoever you are, this cant be real." She says.

"Ah, dont be like that." He says.

"No, really, it cant be!" She says, backing to the door.

"Look, i swear to you, real!" He says. The TARDIS groans and the door slams.

"What did you do that for?!" Carrie screams. "Hey, hey, i did'nt do anything. The TARDIS seems to like you, or hate you." He says. 

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