Carrie had just put a kettle on when a large bang sounded outside of her apartment. Thats one thing she hated about her building. Her door was on the ground level, opening to the outside. It was like a normal house, but it still made her uneasy. She pick up her bat, poured some tea, and went to the door. She slowly opened it, finding a man passed out on the ground. He was dressed in PJ's and a dressing gown, and his hair was..... well it was a big friz ball. She rolled her eyes and set down her tea. She draged him inside, put him on her couch and threw a blanket over him. She poured more tea and put it on the stand beside him, nodded, and went to her room to change.

The Doctor woke up with a start, not sure how much time had passed. Entering a time lock at random was dangerous. He could have been out for years. He slowly sat up, rubing his head. He looked around, obvserving the area. It seemed to be an apartment of some sort. His robe was hung on a hook, and he had a fluffly pink blanket on his lap. He then spied a girl-about 25- standing in the doorway. "Morning sleepy head!" She said. "Where am I? Who are you? How long have I been out?" He said. "Found you passed out in front of my door about an hour ago. " She said. "Whats your name?" She asked, sipping her tea. "The Doctor." He said. He fluffed the blanket. "The Doctor? Doctor Who?" She says. "Just the doctor now would you care to return the favor?" He says. She sips her tea again. "Carrie." She says. He nods. He glances over at his robe, and his eyes widen. He throws the blanket off and darts for it, reaching in the pocket. "Whats up?" She says. He pulls out a small glowing key, and smiles. "She's ready!" He laughs. "What?" Carrie says. He darts out the door, running outside. She sets down her tea, and heads out after him. A small blue box, how she had missed it, stood outside. She approached it, knowing he had gone in there. She opens the door, walks in, and steps back out. "It cant be..." she whispers. 

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