One day a little girl woke up. But she could not get out of her covers! "OOF!" the girl said. She went to the tip of her bed and then "DONK!" she feel on the ground. She saw  in her body mirror that she was so tiny! She screamed a high pitch scream! "Whoa my voice!" surprisely saying! She climbed the stairs of her doll house and jumped onto her window and jumped out! She jumped on an ant and the ant started running like a horse!"Go ant, GOOO!" she said happily! The ant dropped her off at its factory. So many ants were climbing and working! Without knowing she went on a ladybug, the lady bug started flying! She got scared. The ladybug when near the water, and there goes the girl "SPLASH!!!". But of course she did not worry because she takes swimming lessons! She bumped into a fish and the fish said "Why aren't you small for a fish?" the fish to her leg in its fin and flipped her onto shore! She said thank you and left. She jumped on a random ant and she kept riding it until it stopped at a good tree. She got off and grabbed a leaf. She grabbed some grass and made it into a grass pillow! She planned on going to the ant factory tomorrow. She slept well and woke up in the morning. As she yawned she said "Another lovely day..." She searched for an ant. She found one and it spoke! The ant said "Where would you like to go Miss?" She said too the ant factory! The ant ran to its factory. She said thank you. She asked the science ant for an antiedot for her to grow. He said sure but it will take awhile. The girl nodded. She asked another ant for a hotel room. The ant said sure and I will pay. The girl said thank you! The ant and her went to the hotel room. She slept. The next day she had a vist to the science ant, the ant said the antiedote is ready. She took it and went outside to drink it. She drank it and got bigger! She went home and climbed in her cozy bed. What a day she said exaughstedly! THE END!

No copying this story! 

                              --ElegantlyArtFromDC (talk) 03:49, November 29, 2013 (UTC) Elegantly

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