One day there was 4 girls walking beside each other. They were all friends. Their names were Elle, Candi, Mist, and CB. They were going early christmas shopping. Elle saw a poster, she said "Hey girls! Look at that! It says that theres gonna be a Holiday Play!". "Oooh... I wonder what play it is!" Candi replied. "Do you think we should go?" asked CB. "Well it says 1 dollar per person." said Mist. The girls decided that their going to the play! The girls couldn't wait much longer! It was gonna be a awesome play! The play was gonna be on Tuesday. But then something happened....

Stay tuned for more! There will only be 3 people for a part. I hope you love it so far! <3


Elle is Elegantly

Candi is Candifloss

Mist is Mist566

CB is Cheerbaby2001

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