This is like the thanksgiving thing but I have something else! How about we celebrate all the holidays? I have them all planed! 

Haloween: You draw a picture of you in a costume and you go to peoples profile and comment "Trick or Treat!" and that person chooses a trick or a treat. If its a treat its like fanning you on DC or something. Trick is a prank.

Christmas: You draw yourself and some friends around the christmas tree unwrapping presents. And draw yourself going early Christmas shopping. And you can comment " Happy Holidays! " on peoples profile!

Easter: Draw yourself and some friends going on a scaventure hunt. And draw a desighned egg and I choose who wins and then next time the person who wins is the judge.

Thanksgiving: Draw yourself and some friends and maybe parents having a thanksgiving dinner. Or draw your mom or dad or both and you cooking for thanksgiving. 

Please let me know if I missed any holidays... I know its kinda kiddish but whatever lol. And for every holiday we go on chat! Hope you can particapate! 

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