Ok HEY PEOPLE! Today im gonna talk about my insparations. They are usally my friends or bffs. My friends in real life inspire me alot! Pinkshimmer16 is one of the biggest insparations I have! Lets not forget Candifloss and Mockingjack1001! I have alot of insparations. But for other people for me.... well lets just say no one really got inspired from me. That doesnt stop me from drawing though! I have alot of them! Mist566, Lilderpderp, Funny56, Candifloss, Pinkshimmer16, Rotwillercake, and many more! I just have so much to list that I cant list all of them or it will take like 50 years xD! Most of the time im origanal but sometimes I have artist blocks. When I have artist blocks I look around DC (disney create incase you forgot or didnt know). I usally have artist blocks and writers blocks. I dont want our topic to change to diffrent blocks xD! Okay so this is it! Sorry if I took a really long time to read... bai elegances peoples! 

P.S. please only change this if theres some typos! 

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