Hai Guys! You may want to know more about me? If you do your in the right place! Before we begin I want to apoligize if this takes to long lol. Um so not much about me tho... Well I have orange hair. My parents are from Japan.... I LOVEEEEEE ART! I never think life sucks because someone out there could be wanting your life! I have 3 sisters one is 14 and then two little ones that are in pre k! Im mostly happy! When you start to know me I start being really really crazy xD!! Im pretty good infront of teachers and weird infront of my friends. Im pretty young ok do the math candi is 6 years older then meh! I LOVE MATH! When I dont get what I want I cry and when my dad screams at my mom I cry for my mom. Im a mommy girl xD! I dont like my brother -__- (hes so annoying) um so yeah! This is basiclly what I am? Ok I dont have the right words. Bai Guys!!

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