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    January 19, 2014 by ElegantlyArtFromDC


    Me: What happened Elegant?!

    Elegant: My highlights are gone!

    Me: Oh no, what are we gonna do?

    Elegant: ....

    Me: Hmmm.... Theres something on the tip of my tounge but I just can't feel it!

    Elegant: What is the first letter?

    Me: Hmm... Seems like a "C".

    Elegant: HEY I KNOW!

    Me: What is it?

    Elegant: A CONTEST!!!!

    Me: OF COURSE! :D

    So if you didn't get the play I am holding a contest. Only on the wiki so do not expect me to draw it. But here are the rules and prizes......


    1. Must be more then one color

    2. Can not change the brown in her hair unless your adding blonde or something

    3. Do not copy

    4. Do not ask if you can win a place.

    5. You must draw it




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  • ElegantlyArtFromDC

    The Holiday Play

    December 29, 2013 by ElegantlyArtFromDC

     One day there was 4 girls walking beside each other. They were all friends. Their names were Elle, Candi, Mist, and CB. They were going early christmas shopping. Elle saw a poster, she said "Hey girls! Look at that! It says that theres gonna be a Holiday Play!". "Oooh... I wonder what play it is!" Candi replied. "Do you think we should go?" asked CB. "Well it says 1 dollar per person." said Mist. The girls decided that their going to the play! The girls couldn't wait much longer! It was gonna be a awesome play! The play was gonna be on Tuesday. But then something happened....

    Stay tuned for more! There will only be 3 people for a part. I hope you love it so far!

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    Why Am I So Tiny?!

    November 29, 2013 by ElegantlyArtFromDC

    One day a little girl woke up. But she could not get out of her covers! "OOF!" the girl said. She went to the tip of her bed and then "DONK!" she feel on the ground. She saw  in her body mirror that she was so tiny! She screamed a high pitch scream! "Whoa my voice!" surprisely saying! She climbed the stairs of her doll house and jumped onto her window and jumped out! She jumped on an ant and the ant started running like a horse!"Go ant, GOOO!" she said happily! The ant dropped her off at its factory. So many ants were climbing and working! Without knowing she went on a ladybug, the lady bug started flying! She got scared. The ladybug when near the water, and there goes the girl "SPLASH!!!". But of course she did not worry because she takes…

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    November 23, 2013 by ElegantlyArtFromDC

    This is like the thanksgiving thing but I have something else! How about we celebrate all the holidays? I have them all planed! 

    Haloween: You draw a picture of you in a costume and you go to peoples profile and comment "Trick or Treat!" and that person chooses a trick or a treat. If its a treat its like fanning you on DC or something. Trick is a prank.

    Christmas: You draw yourself and some friends around the christmas tree unwrapping presents. And draw yourself going early Christmas shopping. And you can comment " Happy Holidays! " on peoples profile!

    Easter: Draw yourself and some friends going on a scaventure hunt. And draw a desighned egg and I choose who wins and then next time the person who wins is the judge.

    Thanksgiving: Draw yourself…

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    November 18, 2013 by ElegantlyArtFromDC

    Just to let you know "

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