Hello everybody! Since we never got to do the REAL create-a-thon, I decided to make a second one. Birdie had no time, so I did it. This was my idea to make another one. Okay. I'm going to make different teams and team names. Every team will choose ONE person to begin the drawing after you agree on what it is. They will draw the outline. They will post it on the second persons wall. It goes on and on. The teams choose the first, second, third, and fourth person and choose what they draw. There are going to be several teams based on what style someone draws in. Four people will be on each team. ​Each team should choose a time to get on every day when it starts. Remember- DIFFERENT TIME ZONES FOR SOME! Once it starts, all the members get on wiki chat, and one member makes a flockdraw and someone takes a screenshot when the drawings finished! To join, answer these questions:

1. What styles do you draw in?

2.What's your FAVORITE style to draw in?

3.What's your LEAST FAVORITE style to draw in?

4.Are you SURE you want to participate?

Good luck everybody! I hope a lot of people enter so there can be a lot of competiton. 


No arguing. Be kind. Be appropriate. 

I will choose the dates once I finish choosing teams. Hope you all join!


Me, Ghoulgirlgotspirit10, and Birdie

Teams: I'm working on it.

Team Dragonfly  

  • Flyingace
  • Jesskitty/Sunnykitty123
  • Starcat         

Team Wisp

  • BoBoJoe
  • Under_Par      
  • I love Mulan/WaltDisneysMulan

Team Sandy_Beach

  • Lovie
  • Samee                                                                                                             

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