A tall girl tackled a boy down to the floor. "Hah! I win this time, Leo!" Leo laughed and got up, patting his jacket and head to get rid of dust. "Geez Kiro, how strong are you? I'm pretty sure I have like, five new bruises." Kiro smiled sweetly "This isn't even my full strength!" Leo smiled "Heh, I sure don't want to be your enemy." Kiro smiled "You better." Leo turned his head to stare at the ground "Hey, Brila's been out for a while, do you think she got lost?" Kiro shook her head "Dragons have a great sense if direction, they're pretty much like, huge, terrifying, powerful birds!" Kiro clasped her hands together "Well, I'm gonna check on Brila," Kiro raised her hand and muttered a word, then a bright light shot into the sky. "There. She'll be coming soon." Kiro lowered her hand.

The bushes rustled violently as a figure pulled itself through the vegetation. It lifted it's head, sunlight shining on it's blue-grey head. Leo got up "Hi Brila, took you a while! Did you get lost?" Leo teased playfully. Brila snorted, and Leo felt a presence in his mind "No. I fell in a ditch." Brila snorted. "Really now?" Leo poked Brila's forehead "Come on, I know you got lost." Brila snorted and poked Leo's face with her snout "Wipe that smug look off your face, or I'll eat it off." Brila threatened. "Hey, where's Kiro?" Brila asked. "Oh, she went out. I think she went for a walk in the woods." Brila lowered her head "Huh. Keep an eye on the stuff. I'm going to find her."

Leo watched as Brila stalked off. "I wonder what's going on..." He shrugged and flopped down by Brila's stuff. Leo stared at Brila's tracks, leading off to the dense woods. "Hm." About thirty minutes had passed, when Brila returned. "Hey Brila, where's Kiro?" Leo asked curiously. Brila snorted "Somewhere."  He watched as Brila stomped over to her pile, and curled up. "Don't go looking for her, she'll be fine. She just has to clear her head." Brila mumbled. Leo nodded but had crossed his fingers behind his back "Don't worry, I'll stay here." Brila muttered something and drifted off to sleep.

He put on a smug expression, nothing was gonna stop him from exploring. "Sorry Brila, but I'm going to find Kiro." Leo whispered as he crawled through the bushes.

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