I noticed that people were making a bunch of MLP stories and stuff, and I decided to make a MLP comic/story as well. This does not take place in the kingdom of Equestria, but instead it takes place in a kingdom called Rilio. Rilio is a kingdom, known for its mountainous terrain, it's beautiful rivers. mysterious forests, and much more.

So the storyline is basically some ponies run into Lunar Leap (The captain messenger for the kingdom) and several other messengers and they ask where she was going, and why she was in such a rush. basically Lunar Leap explains that there is this plague spreading, and she had to find Soul Spark, and Nova. and warn the other kingdoms. This doesn't really need elements, but all the other ponies need are skill. Blah Blah, big adventure to warn the other kingdoms. They come back, to find that a majority of their once beautiful home, has been taken over by plague. So they rush to find the castle (Where very few know where it is.) And so it continues.

Parts rules (Kinda).

So, for the parts I'm gonna need about 2 fast ponies to be messengers, unicorns or pegasi. There can be at least 3 guardians, unicorns or pegasi. Then I'm gonna need some ponies with history in the other kingdoms, I'm gonna need about 2 kingdoms. alicorns ARE welcomed in this role, as are pegasi and unicorns. Then I'm gonna need a powerful spirit(s) (As in a strong will, but weak heart), one who knows their way around, a traveler with great knowledge, with a great amount of strength (Magic power or just strength) unicorns, bat ponies, pegasi, and alicorns are open to this role, there can be more than 1, but I prefer to keep the numbers low. So... I'm just gonna put a role thingy down below.


Messenger 1:Glitch Gamer

Messenger 2: 

Guardian 1:

Guardian 2:

Guardian 3:

Kingdom Pony 1:

Kingdom Pony 2:

Helper: PInk Stardust

Helper 2?:

So... If the role you want gets filled up, just tell me, and I'll see if I can add you.

(Oh and apply in the description, provide personality, specialties, their talents, and their apperance. And please try to provide a kingdom)

So... OKAY!

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