A silvery figure raced through the trees, starlight gleaming from its pelt. The figure dashed from the forest to a large tunnel. The silvery figure shot into the tunnel, leaving a small trail of starlight behind it. The shape hurtled into a large room. The room had a large gleaming pool, sparkling with the stones surrounding it. The cat lowered its head, then lifted its head and yowled "Cats of Starclan! I have shared the message with my kin!" As soon as the silvery shape finished speaking, a small figure stepped out of the pool. "Have you warned them of the raging force, Lilyfrost?" Squeaked the small form. Lilyfrost nodded slowly "Yes, Dawnkit. I have warned Petallight." Dawnkit lifted her head and stared at Lilyfrost with glittering green eyes, her pale ginger fur spiked up. "Mother, I fear for the clans. Though I never got to live the life of a true warrior, I still fear for them." Lilyfrost nudged her kit back to the pool "I worry too, but they have now been warned. We have handled the first several steps, now we must see if they can finish it." Then the two cats faded, leaving a faint gleam.

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