Hey I am Emily Hergrition and yes I know it's hard to pronouce it but hey it's my name and I'm stuck with it, until I get married which will probly not happen in a million years.Why would it not happen in a million years well because of this insident that happened in school.This enemy, kid, anonnoying, and any other mean name in the book, Jamie Toswerh the biggest bulliehumanhistory.One time he even hurt a kid so bad that this pore girl Pammy was in the emercy room.Yeah call detention for the rest of the school year.Back to my story it was this one rainy afternoon in gym class when Jamie triped me and I fell face first into some kids dirty gym shoe.Don't even ask me how it happened.Now till this day kids still call me stinky dirty and smelly face and anything related to that matter.On to the present I love to write stories and try to make books out of them.In my Study Hall class I would bring tons of art stuff,paper, and lots of book making materials.Everyone would make fun of me for it and say mean things like wow you use so much paper I think your brain is starting to turn into paper! Yeah what an LOL for jocks.But I did succesfuly create fully finished books with sories like The One That Got Me and Why Me? They took me each weeks to make lots of paper, crayons, markers, and pencils but I finally did it! I was so proud of myself and so was my mom.My mom actully got me a notebook with sparks and fun words on the cover to write my thoughts and feelings in it.My brother Jake was just trying to make fun of me by saying, "How many paper cuts did you get out of that book?" I made a comeback and said,"None because I'm not a clutz like you!!!"Then my mom said, "Knock it off you too!!!!" I felt just like running away in my room and staying up there for the rest of my life.

Well that is it for part 1 do you think I should continue well post it in the comments and shortly you'll see part 2!

Keep being awesome,

DisneyCreate444 or Carly

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