Mega edits!!!!!:

Only about 1 role lefy (i think) and it is the 2nd pony!!!!  Anyways get it quick!!!  BTW part 1 I made but it is not approved yet.The link is in a comment down there!!!!!!!   Oh yeah!!!  Part 2 is done!
Incredible pic

Shop owner- Taken by Katebith!!!!!  Will be in part 2-3

Kathy- Zuesdemigod2002 Part 1- The end

Jerry- Denim03 Same as Zuesdemigod2002

Animal Shelter clerk- o0_Birdie_0o-5-6

Animal Shelter intern-123lovelost - 5-6

Kathy and Jerry's Best friends ( 2 roles)- 1-Casualgirl10-LLDelepa - 2-3

Dog- Netron (Denim03's mascot) 5-6

Cat- JKStudios 5-6

2nd cat- Luna (Watername's cat.) 5-6

2nd dog-Pink Pop101 5-6

1st pony-Sweet promise (ISH's pony) 6-7

2nd pony- 6-7

Just apply down there I will give you the part if you comment first!

Inspired by 123LoveLost...

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