"     I know you've read this cample, we're doing this to ask you to stop. The point of you doing this is...? Exactly, so stop it with your childish behavior.   "     -Ish



Gender:Female Likes: Princess Amya the cat (Her OSC) Dislikes: The world.  People.  Denim03


So she got banned JUST to make a wikia account as "Yoshiman108".

Cample was

Camplestudios88 (Obviously)

EMLwiki hacker 


She put up a good show.  She is just weird.  She needs to get a life.

Things she did:

Said F*ck to petshopface

Said talking about Pimples is not appropriate.

Said Denim's art is bad.

Spammed up pages.

Speaked spanish half the time.

Said that we should work for her company

Lied saying she was 18 untill  she admitted.

Possed as a 25 year old woman.

Possed as a 7 year old kid.

Called everyone on chat Jerk.

Asked Cabndi, can we be $*XMATES?

Tell me if there is something I forgot.....

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