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                "     I know you've read this cample, we're doing this to ask you to stop. The point of you doing this is...? Exactly, so stop it with your childish behavior.   "     -Ish



    Gender:Female Likes: Princess Amya the cat (Her OSC) Dislikes: The world.  People.  Denim03


    So she got banned JUST to make a wikia account as "Yoshiman108".

    Cample was

    Camplestudios88 (Obviously)

    EMLwiki hacker 


    She put up a good show.  She is just weird.  She needs to get a life.

    Things she did:

    Said F*ck to petshopface

    Said talking about Pimples is not appropriate.

    Said Denim's art is bad.

    Spammed up pages.

    Speaked spanish half the time.

    Said that we should work for her company

    Lied saying …

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  • Denim0333

    Pony Comic!

    June 21, 2013 by Denim0333

    I'm making a pony comic centered around my pony "Caryort". 

    Crayort's Friend-PurplePepperment (Petshopface)

    Crayorts BPF-


    Wolf (Can be Wolf Mascot!!!!)- Soda (Petshopface)

    Crayort's Enemy-

    More rolls to be added soon!  Also please include a picture!

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  • Denim0333

    Don't read this if you don't have a pony.......

    Okkk....Sooooo On the Paint_Puppies account I think we should draw our ponies together and then when it is finished open the pic and log out then save it to YOUR profile and we ech have the same picture of ALL our MLPs if your not in the account then ask Cutie_Cat to join.

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  • Denim0333

    Pony Needed.

    June 21, 2013 by Denim0333

    Horray!  He is now created!

    There for more info.

    That is his Refence Sheet along with I bio.

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  • Denim0333

    Worst Troll?

    June 19, 2013 by Denim0333

    Which one:





    Tell me if there is someone I forgot!

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