Hey Wiki! So first of all thanks 4 da warm welcom! :) ive only been here 4 less than a day and im all ready addicted :P. the only thing im concerned about is what happened yesterday, when I joined..... So apperently yesterday there wuz this troll. I saw some of the comments and they were really... Interesting One of them said that she wuz 21 wich makes no sense!i mean why would a 21 year old come 2 this site! -___- also there were some arguements. But im to lazy 2 write about so im just gonna wrap this up. First of all, troll,whoever u r, plz just stop. Its annoying and mean. U probably cant tell but u r hurting some feelings. So basically im saying, im having an awesome time! I just dont like the trolls and drama. And please excuse my "text talk" I cant help it. If im on a computer or phone i just hav 2 text talk :) So anyways............



PS. I know this seems like I'm complaining, but please nothing ruse in the comments.

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