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  • I was born on September 6
  • My occupation is LOVING 5SOS
  • I am A SAUCER
  • Da1andonlehKLETOM

    Everyone likes presents right? Well for Christmas I, Da1andonlehKLETOM, shall be drawing everyone a picture. Here is my list so far.

    For Candifloss: a drawing of her, josh,and zach!

    For Mist: merst dancing in mist or fog or whatever with ze tardis

    For CG: she will be casually lying on the couch playing mc on a mac

    For Watername: marina will be swimming with a name tag

    For Rapunzi: StarNote rocking out

    For Derpu: she will be wearing a BROFIST shirt with a mincraft hat and she will be blocking my view

    For Lovee: we will be COSPLAYING as Winnie the Pooh and Elsa from Frozen in Pandaland

    For Rocky: we shall be having a partay with CHEETOS, KLEMONS, AND ROCK COOKIES.

    Puppy dog: she shall be squeezing holding a puppy in front of me while screaming THOU SHALL NOT…

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  • Da1andonlehKLETOM

    Making new friends! My fav part


    Sharing stuff

    Learning more about my fav artists

    Being able to talk to my fav artists

    Reading funny comments

    The nice awesome people

    GIFS 4EVER lol


    Thats all i could think of

    DRAMA!!! The worst part

    Trolls trollin wereva they wanna troll their trolliness around the troll world! Lol Raise ur hand if you hate trolls!

    Everyone always leaving :'(

    When the chat is dead :/

    The mean people

    Theres a lot more but im to lazy to continue.....

    So thats it! If u want to add more good things and bad things thats fine by me!

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  • Da1andonlehKLETOM

    Hai Guys!

    August 2, 2013 by Da1andonlehKLETOM

    Hey Wiki! So first of all thanks 4 da warm welcom! :) ive only been here 4 less than a day and im all ready addicted :P. the only thing im concerned about is what happened yesterday, when I joined..... So apperently yesterday there wuz this troll. I saw some of the comments and they were really... Interesting One of them said that she wuz 21 wich makes no sense!i mean why would a 21 year old come 2 this site! -___- also there were some arguements. But im to lazy 2 write about so im just gonna wrap this up. First of all, troll,whoever u r, plz just stop. Its annoying and mean. U probably cant tell but u r hurting some feelings. So basically im saying, im having an awesome time! I just dont like the trolls and drama. And please excuse my "tex…

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