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  • I live in Ponyville
  • I was born on December 19
  • My occupation is Drawing
  • I am a Girl
  • Cutie Cat1001

    Webkinz Contest!!!!

    January 28, 2014 by Cutie Cat1001

    Hi Create wiki! I decided to make a contest. Here is what you do. Draw anything (anything that first pops into ur head :P) and post it in the comments.

    Prizes: 1st: a webkinz samoyed dog code.

    2nd: a webkinz husky code

    sorry i only have 2 codes xD

    Good Luck!!!!!! :D Please enter!!!!!

    - Cutie

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  • Cutie Cat1001

    My funny story xD

    November 20, 2013 by Cutie Cat1001

    The Unexpected Guest xD dun dun duuuuuuuuuuun....


    Teddy walks though the door, Mom?, Amy Duncan comes from the kitchen. She is covered in icing. Teddy, We are inviting a guest over!. Teddy looks at Amy. Again with a guest, last time,

    you brought the Muppets!. I Kicked them out remember? Amy looks at Teddy while PJ walks though the door. BOOM! PJ slams the door. Hey mom, me and Gabe are going to the sports game!!!!!. Ok PJ, Have fun. Amy said Mom, whats with the donuts????. Teddy asked. They're for our unknown guest! Amy answered.

    Unknown, like you don't even know who??? Teddy complained.


    Theme Song.....

    Knock Knock, The Special Guest knocks at the door.

    Charlie opens the door Are you the pizza dude???? The Special Guest says No.

    Charlie slams the d…

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  • Cutie Cat1001

    I just wanted to show you all my fairies on pixie hollow, before pixie hollow closes on the 19th of september.

    this is Alexia Airlily:

    And Chickadee:

    This is the warning on pixie hollow, so if you go on your fairy you will get a free membership.

    please comment and post your fairies in the comments


    - Cutie_Cat1001

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  • Cutie Cat1001

    Sai Requests???

    July 12, 2013 by Cutie Cat1001

    Okie, i am going to do requests on sai, but i can only do anime, chibis and wolves, but i will try anything. but i cannot add more than one character (unless you really want it, but the image will probably be very large!) so pretty please with the wiki on top request something! (right now i am trying to draw megurine luka) Thank You! p.s i can do icons :D

    And did i mention PLEASE????

    Bella: pretty pease wit bellah bat on da top :3

    sorry if you think this is a waste of a blog post :P Disney Create is so slow for me today, and maybe tomorrow, and then the next day, and then the next day, ok i think you get the point xD

    and i can draw me and u if you want, but i can't do ppg on sai because you cannot draw perfect circles :P


    1. You can reques…

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  • Cutie Cat1001

    Here are pictures that were drawn on flockdraw, if you have a picture you want up here please place it in the comments!

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