Hiya guys, its me da amazing Cutie! (Okay, not that amazing xD) But i just need a little help with a story on wattpad and i need some advice to make an awesome book!   (I already have a great plot)

Could any of you comment which of these you want in the story (you can also think of some supa cool elements, and please comment your answers!)

Name for main characters:

Girl:  Rowyn, Emily, Carrie, Alana, Other (Comment)

Boy: Dylan, Peyton, Cameron, Spencer, Other (Comment)


.Teen Fiction 





I Dunno if i should add super creepy exciting parts (I like creepy books xD),  but i might xD, I don't want  things like unicorns or fantasy creatures in it either, sorry ^u^ 

(Sorry bout all the questions, i have never wrote a book in my life. xD)

Thank You!

- Cutie the amazing xD

BTW i'll post it to wattpad when i finish a chapter. I'm Auiia on there, like my deviantart :3)

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