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    Profile Pics :3

    July 20, 2014 by Cloetta *o*

    Hi guys! I'll Be Making Profile Pics So Comment Which Template And What It Will Look Like! If You Want A Boy Please Tell Me I'll Add Boys Probably :)  *CREDIT TO PPL WHO DID THIS* They are currently closed until I finish the two I'm working on. Sorry!

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  • Cloetta *o*


    July 18, 2014 by Cloetta *o*

                                                                                       Pumkin World

    This. Game. Has. NO. Words. It's not as horrible as the slender-shrek game (THAT'S JUST SCARY) It's about Pumpkins that live in Pumkin World. I Didn't spell the website wrong, it's spelt like Pumkin not Pumpkin. It's an "EDUCATIONAL" Game for kids (more like nobody) about colors and shapes and what not. But the funny part is HUNGRY PUMKIN!! I will not spoil it so just click the link and play it. YOU MAY DIE Of LAUGHTER!​ [1]

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  • Cloetta *o*


    As Taylor strolled down the street, cars zoomed by her and a blast of wind hit her. She held onto her hood and sighed deeply. Her hair blew threw the cold, icy air. "Just my luck" she mumbled, quietly to herself. As she was about to stop at the local market, she slowly tripped over a quarter. She groaned in pain as she slowly, tried to get up. She got up, and stared at the quarter. It shone like the only light, in a winter storm. She slowly, picked it up and slipped it into her pocket, and went into the market. As she continued walking home from the store, a quiet crying sound rung her ears. She looked beside her, siting there was an adult man. "Excuse me? are you fine?" Taylor asked slowly as she knelt down to him, "I- I have no money" …

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