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    You know when you look through old artwork and end up trying to deny you ever drew any of it.?

    I was looking through my art stuff, with it was a sketchbook I didn't even remember drawing in >-< a lot of it was DC era... SC's, PPG's, really old attempts at anime style... I could never draw the other eye XD

    Does anyone else go down memory lane?

    CircusFreakOfficial (talk) 17:55, September 17, 2015 (UTC) Circus Freak

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  • CircusFreakOfficial

    Sickly Sick

    July 22, 2015 by CircusFreakOfficial

    So I just got over a stomach bug. "YAY!" is what I thought, but alas my sister came home from work with germs... So now I have a really bad cough and stuff. I have a date Saturday and I was/am really looking forward to it... I need to get better, but with everyone in my house coming down with this evil cold...

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  • CircusFreakOfficial

    I really hate writers block!

    I haven't been able to write anything halfway decent in over a month.

    Latest poem.

    "Cicada's Lullaby"

    Cicada, cicada listen to your cry.

    Your horrific lullaby.

    Cicada, cicada sleeping for so long.

    Resting alone.

    Cicada, cicada singing with your friends.

    Beautiful wings in greens and reds.

    Cicada, cicada coming out in the summer heat.

    Until next we meat.

    Cicada, Cicada cry, cry, cry me your horrific lullaby again...

    I've always thought that the song the cicadas "sing" as creepy, but beautiful at the same time.

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  • CircusFreakOfficial

    If you happen to know who I was then you would know I was average. I wasn't the best artist, but I enjoyed drawing digitally. I've been looking into some digital art programs and stuff like that... so I better myself and my Circus Freaks.

    What are my Circus Freaks?

    They are my OC's, my official style and the things create wouldn't approve.

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