Hey guys! So, as SOME of you guys know, I asked u guys about my SOON-TO-BE Wikia Musictube! BTW, My admins are gonna be Me (obvi) Derp, Mist, and Lovie! I actually have some questions for the peeps who have made wikias!

1) What kind of questions do they ask u b4 u make the wiki?

2) Does it required a e-mail name and PW?

3) Is owning a wiki alot of work?

  I have more! I just sorta forgot them.....XD! So yeah! I think this is like, my shortest blog EVER! So yeah! Also, if u want to be a Chat mod, just ask! So yeah! (again) If u don't know what MusicTube came from, like the name, u can ask! So yeah! (again ik) I hope u guys join MusicTube Wiki! Bai! CasualGirl OUT!

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