Hey guys! Ok. So, this isn't ur average blog! I'm just blogging about a pic i made on dc that i admire SO much! That's why it's my Profile pic! Yes, it's the MU Prom dress i made for a con. I really like it! Here is what it looks like!

Description: This "Monster" Model has pink hair with a blue headband that matches the color of the backround! Then,  I sotra went for a crazy dress look because the monsters went crazy in the trailer! She has on blue glasses and feather earrings! She is wearing a button up vest and under it is a blue and purple beggining of a dress! Then there is a purple cheetah belt! Then, i actually added a skirt to make it look like a ruffled bottem of the dress! the colors are green rim, blue, purple, teal, and then it's pink on the inside with black lace! Then, we have some black and white spooted tights/leggings! And finally, we have some purple cheetah heels with a sorta belt around the tip of the heels!

MU Prom Dress

MU Prom Dress!

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