Hey guys! So, if you guys play Club Penguin (CP) you may know that today is the MU party! I've have been waiting for this moment! XD I joined the team PNK! I actually took many screenshots of the party! Like, 15 screenshots! Most of them are from the PNK hangout! I also took screenshots of the MU parts! So yeah! I ahven't seen MU the movie yet but i hope to see it soon! The teams for the MU party are: PNK, RNR, OK, and JOX! (I hoped i spelled them right!) and yeah! So here are the screenshots! Thanks for reading CasualGirl OUT!
  • Me in CP!
  • PNK hangout
  • PNK inside hangout place table
  • PNK Logo
  • Lounge Chair
  • Close up of table
  • All the hangouts
  • Close up of hangouts
  • Inside RNR hangout
  • Inside JOX hangout
  • Inside OK hangout
  • Entrance to MU
  • Center of MU
  • The classroom
  • Outside center of MU where Scare games are

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