Hey DC wiki! So, if u guys go to my Profile Info, u can see my fav YouTubers! U see someone named "lindseystomp" Well, I LUV her! U guys should check her out! Here's her link! I hope u guys check her out! U would find out she's adicting! I think she is! I listen to her while i'm on Live Chat, while i'm drawing on DC, anytime when i need music! So, YEAH! If u guys know Mist566, she has also checked out her vid, RadioActive! Here's the link to that! She has found out cause if u have live chatted with me, u know that i almost always say "Listening to Lindsey!" So yeah! I really hope u guys check her out! If u do, please leave a comment if u did, say what vid, and if u liked her! Well, that's all for today! CasualGirl OUT!

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