Hey guys! Guess what?! I got out of school! HOORAY!!! :D I got out of school today at, I think around maybe 11:Something. idk. Ok so well, any of you out for school. Comment down if yes or no and tell me when you get/got out! I actually kinda sad. You guys are probely like "WHAT?! YOU SHOULD BE HAPPY!" but i'm kinda happy and sad at the same time. U guys are probely wondering why. It's because i had THE BEST teacher ever! I even made a medal for her! When we were about to go home, she said we were the best class she ever had! She evn asked the principal if she needed another 5th grade teacher and she will only be a 5th grade teacher if she had us! When she told us that, my friend was about to cry! THAT'S HOW AWESOME MY TEACHER IS! I hoped you guys enjoyed this blog!

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