Hey guys! Ok so, I was in the car, driving back from Little Caesers and I thought of a great idea for a comment. So when i got home, i typed it up! Here is what the Comment was mostly about. It was mostly about how i think i'm good at writing. SO good that it sounded like it belongs in a book! Here is what I wrote for an example:

                              I stepped up the rusty, old ladder. As I sat down on the dusty, jagged brick roof, I glanced up at the shimmering, stirling stars. I thought about how times were rough before. How my parents divorced and such. But, when I glanced at my gold locket and saw my name in diamond, and opened it up to see my parent's pictures, I realized I was already home.

                                         I thought of the first 2 sentences in the car and the rest ON THE SPOT! That's how good at writing i am! Then I looked at the replys and saw this one comment by a Wikia contributer who was Pengytess said that she needed help writing a lot of books. She said that she was writing a book called "Blinded By Blood" and needed help making it scary. And then she said that she was also writing a series and that the first two books were called "Power Of Fire and "Power Of Water". So i replyed back that i could help and an idea hit me! I could help people on the wiki of writing stories! cause if people think ur good, UR GOOD! So if you are reading this blog and need help writing stories, comment down below and we can talk about it! Or you can put it on my talk page! either one! Sorry this blog is SO long! So yeah! Hoped i get some people to help!
Happy dance

I'm so happy that I thought of this idea cause i love to write!

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