Hey guys! So I was thinking of drawing a pic on dc (duh) of all my dcfs because i've seen TONS of peeps do it! But I need these certain people to give me photos of what they look like! Here are the people (aka my dcfs) : Katebith, Birdie*22, 123LoveLost, Denim0333, Zuesdemigod2002, Candifloss, LLDelepa, Isparklehearts,Pengytess, Lilderpderp, BubblesSkirtDC, PetShopFace, VampireArt4, and GraceRainCloud! Please give a photo of what you look like in real life in the comments PLEASE! I will be drawing PPG! Casualgirl OUT!

(P.S, I will be drawing the picture when i have all of my dcfs picture!)

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