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  • CasualGirl10


    July 2, 2013 by CasualGirl10

    Hey guys! So, as SOME of you guys know, I asked u guys about my SOON-TO-BE Wikia Musictube! BTW, My admins are gonna be Me (obvi) Derp, Mist, and Lovie! I actually have some questions for the peeps who have made wikias!

    1) What kind of questions do they ask u b4 u make the wiki?

    2) Does it required a e-mail name and PW?

    3) Is owning a wiki alot of work?

      I have more! I just sorta forgot them.....XD! So yeah! I think this is like, my shortest blog EVER! So yeah! Also, if u want to be a Chat mod, just ask! So yeah! (again) If u don't know what MusicTube came from, like the name, u can ask! So yeah! (again ik) I hope u guys join MusicTube Wiki! Bai! CasualGirl OUT!

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  • CasualGirl10

    MU Party on CP!

    June 27, 2013 by CasualGirl10

    Hey guys! So, if you guys play Club Penguin (CP) you may know that today is the MU party! I've have been waiting for this moment! XD I joined the team PNK! I actually took many screenshots of the party! Like, 15 screenshots! Most of them are from the PNK hangout! I also took screenshots of the MU parts! So yeah! I ahven't seen MU the movie yet but i hope to see it soon! The teams for the MU party are: PNK, RNR, OK, and JOX! (I hoped i spelled them right!) and yeah! So here are the screenshots! Thanks for reading CasualGirl OUT!

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  • CasualGirl10

    Lindsey Stirling

    June 22, 2013 by CasualGirl10

    Hey DC wiki! So, if u guys go to my Profile Info, u can see my fav YouTubers! U see someone named "lindseystomp" Well, I LUV her! U guys should check her out! Here's her link! I hope u guys check her out! U would find out she's adicting! I think she is! I listen to her while i'm on Live Chat, while i'm drawing on DC, anytime when i need music! So, YEAH! If u guys know Mist566, she has also checked out her vid, RadioActive! Here's the link to that! She has found out cause if u have live chatted with me, u know that i almost always say "Listening to Lindsey!" So yeah! I really hope u guys check her out! If u do…

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  • CasualGirl10


    June 15, 2013 by CasualGirl10

    Hey guys! So, i've notice lots of dc peeps have been doing requests! So, I thought "Why Not I Do Them Too?!" So, now i'm doing them! Here is actually my first kinda request! I made it for Katebith because in 1 blog, i said i would draw i pic of us together! And to me, that's kinda a request. (No, not really but go along with it!) So, if you want me to do a request by u, PLEASE put it in the comments! Thanks! CasualGirl OUT!

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  • CasualGirl10

    MU Prom Dress!

    June 15, 2013 by CasualGirl10

    Hey guys! Ok. So, this isn't ur average blog! I'm just blogging about a pic i made on dc that i admire SO much! That's why it's my Profile pic! Yes, it's the MU Prom dress i made for a con. I really like it! Here is what it looks like!

    Description: This "Monster" Model has pink hair with a blue headband that matches the color of the backround! Then,  I sotra went for a crazy dress look because the monsters went crazy in the trailer! She has on blue glasses and feather earrings! She is wearing a button up vest and under it is a blue and purple beggining of a dress! Then there is a purple cheetah belt! Then, i actually added a skirt to make it look like a ruffled bottem of the dress! the colors are green rim, blue, purple, teal, and then it's…

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